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Providing worlds both dedicated to PvP, and one emulating the original, classic adventure, OS-Scape is a streamlined, multi-world MMORPG constructed on a custom platform. Offering a stable, well balanced economy, a steady stream of current updates weekly, and boasting one of the largest ongoing communities, OS-Scape strives to provide the leading MMORPG experience.

Updates & Announcements

2017.4 pt 2: Bug fixes and QOL

Feb 25, 2017 3:34:22 AM | by Jonathan
  • * Disabled lottery on world 1 & 3 (let us know if you want it re-enabled)
  • Added the magic requirement to wield the Mage's Book
  • Added the defence requirement to wear blessed d'hide boots
  • Fixed items disappearing when purchasing them from the BM shop while having a full inventory
  • Fixed slayer task blocking, unblocking and cancelling
  • Fixed an issue where walking across a specific gangplank would result in noclipping
  • Fixed an issue where the wilderness statistics board would disconnect the player when viewed
  • Fixed the magic book switching altar options
  • Fixed woodcutting the Redwood tree
  • Fixed an animation problem when moving from south -> north tile while wearing an AGS
  • Fixed the fremmy dungeon and Kalphite queen map
  • Re-enabled keyboard input after closing interfaces
  • Fixed an issue with cerbus 'locking' during combat
  • Finished private messaging logic (now works 100% according to OSRS)
  • Fixed the Items kept on death interface
  • Fixed the slayer kill log interface
  • You can now recharge multiple glories at once
  • Changed the way run energy restore/deletion works
  • Fixed run energy regenerating when following a player
  • Fixed an experience exploit related to molten glass blowing
  • Made the Twisted bow value hard-set to 30m to protect over all other items
  • Fixed the private message box closing after input
  • Added support for filling jugs with water when using the Humidify lunar spell
  • Fixed Ardougne max cape teleport options
  • Fixed clicking an anvil while having a smithable bar in your inventory
  • Added a 30 second teleblock immunity timer
  • Fixed client issue which caused some outfit combinations to make you invisible
  • Added 60 defence requirement to malediction ward or
  • Increase protect item value for dragon claws
  • Fixed Cerberus safespot
  • Rc pouches can now be obtained by trading the Mage of Zamorak in Edgeville Wild
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2017.4: Lottery, and many bug fixes

Feb 21, 2017 12:47:03 AM | by Jonathan
  • Finish the wilderness statistics board
  • Fixed an issue related NPC sizes & pathing
  • Added a delay with dialogue continue to prevent skipping dialogues
  • Fixed Dinh's bulwark attack & defence requirement
  • Added a "player is busy" message when interacting with a player who is.. well busy
  • Fixed repairing barrows being free when repairing more than one piece
  • Added blessed boots into aggression checks for Godwars NPCs
  • Fixed the dragon spear's special attack logic
  • Fixed shop buy and sell price when dealing in quantities of 50/100
  • Fixed examining items inside your inventory message while shopping
  • Added Lunar Isle, Mos le'harmless, Tai bwo wannai and Key master scroll teleports
  • * Added the ability to select which slayer helm to imbue when you have more than one in your inventory
  • * Added the ability to combine & dismantle imbued slayer helmets
  • * Fixed untamed blessing -> now allows free passage through Godwars dungeon doors
  • * Imbued Dagganoth rings are now tradable on eco worlds (since they were lost on death before)
  • Fixed the repair option on broken items
  • * Made imbued colored slayer helmets equitable & fixed their item options (slayer log, task, etc)
  • Added support for poisoned knives and the remaining throwing axes
  • Intercept actions after closing bank/duel/trading sessions
  • Added dragon arrows to 3rd age bows
  • * Fixed bolt crafting experience multiplier to the amount of items you actually made
  • Fixed auto retaliating yourself (using a rockcake or something else)
  • Fixed hits after death (veng will not longer apply damage to you if your target activates it when dead)
  • * Fixed the voting announcement
  • Added guthix rest decanting
  • Added ancestral robe sets
  • Added the Kodai wand effect change (15% chance of negating rune cost)
  • Added the Twisted bow effect change (accuracy buff is now capped at a magic level of 250)
  • Added the Kourend teleport
  • Fixed Gargoyle drop table (changed blue skirt -> death runes)
  • Fixed the Zamorak godsword special attack so it has a chance to fail and splash
  • Made poison, venom, and other self damaging hits from food process instantly
  • Fixed the Saradomin godsword special attack so it can now be 'missed'
  • Corrected the accuracy and damage boost for the Dragon mace special attack
  • * Added a price guide command :;priceguide
  • Fixed the agility shortcut message inside Nieve's Slayer Dungeon
  • When withdrawing items from your bank, it now takes the first available item
  • Fixed dueling & trading slot "flashing" when someone removes an item
  • Fixed an issue where poison would carry onto the NPC after death
  • * Added Bloody Tokens -> use Blood money on the bank
  • Made Bloody & Platinum tokens tradable
  • Fixed an issue with freezing where players will still walk 1-2 tiles after being frozen
  • Added friends only mode for private messaging
  • * Added/enabled blood chests on W3
  • Added the support for pike, cod, curry and purple sweets.
  • Fixed issue with zulrah spawning invisible objects which blocked you from walking
  • Fixed issue with minimap flag disappearing
  • Chat bug issue has possibly been resolved (please let us know if it still happens)
  • Fixed noclipping issue on pirate ship
  • Fixed an issue with burying bones negating npc damage
  • Kodai Wand no longer requires you to still have water runes to cast water based spells
  • Briefcase item is not worn in the shield slot
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2017.3: Slayer revamp, QOL and bug fixes

Jan 23, 2017 6:47:03 PM | by Situations
  • Fixed senior moderators ::yell icon
  • Venenatis' attack will not drain your prayer as commonly
  • * Abyss has been revamped -> objects now rotate and work as intented
  • Players will now be cured of poison when jailed
  • Added an adaptive double-door system with the anti-rag "stuck" mechanic
  • * Removed runecrafting teleports from the wizard -> force players to use the Abyss
  • * Barrows items now cost 100BM to repair
  • * You can now dismantle cosmetic items into their appropriate pieces
  • Added the lootbag examine option
  • You can now store items by using item -> looting bag
  • Fixed dragging items into first bank tab
  • You can no longer walk when using a transformation ring
  • Added item examining to equipped items
  • Players will now poison NPC's if using a poisoned item
  • * Added proper rock crabs
  • * Added Battle mage drops to the Realism world
  • * Removed clue scroll drops from Guard and added caskets instead
  • * Added a delay to flax spinning to prevent spamming
  • * Added slayer helm (i)'s into the slayer reward shop
  • * Added Stronghold cave shortcut to Gargoyles, nechryaels and abby demons
  • * Removed cancelling tasks for free -> now uses Slayer interface and costs 30 points
  • * Added slayer task blocking/unlocking
  • Added the ability to move items into existing tabs
  • * Players now have to have a Hellhound task to fight Cerberus
  • Fixed melting tabs inside your bank
  • More...
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