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Providing worlds both dedicated to PvP, and one emulating the original, classic adventure, OS-Scape is a streamlined, multi-world MMORPG constructed on a custom platform. Offering a stable, well balanced economy, a steady stream of current updates weekly, and boasting one of the largest ongoing communities, OS-Scape strives to provide the leading MMORPG experience.

Updates & Announcements

2017.8 Server Updates | Combat Fixes | Crash Fixes | & More

Sep 7, 2017 10:55:08 PM | by Simplemind

This update was focused at restoring anything our engine update broke last update. Also, I've deployed a series of combat updates that should improve the combat experience. I appreciate everyone who took the time to write massive lists for me to work from. Shoutout to Number 2 rag, impact XII, splifmeister and the rest of the people who posted in the suggestions section. Be sure to continue to post in the suggestions section on any bugs you may find or additions.


  • Dark bow special accuracy has been increased.
  • Hp bar will no longer display an empty bar if HP remains within the player or npc.
  • A bug with receiving exp drops but no damage being dealt has been fixed.
  • Granite maul has been reworked.
    • What does this mean? Well, the issue before was a problem with the PID system + granite maul special. Basically, if you had PID & did granite maul's special attack it would
      not let the player have any reaction time at all such as eating. I've done some code re-arrangement as a test to attempt to combat this issue. Do not report granite maul
      being bugged if you get out classed such as 1 tick'd.
  • Player's will receive a 10 second immunity timer while getting a kill inside "Edgeville PVP" instance to allow a short period to loot. This is to combat against an influx of
    rushers in this location.
  • Item switching has been improved to reflect 07s.


  • The boss is now visible from both corners of the inferno so players should no longer experience issues with seeing the boss in locations they should.
  • The Ancestral Glyph has been rewritten to be more accurate with blocking attacks.
    • This is to combat against hits randomly going through the shield.
  • Final boss healers will now spawn as they should.
    • Healers will spawn when the boss has reached around 240 hp.
    • Healers will now retaliate when being attacked and do an area-of-effect damage attack.
  • A local leaderboard has been added to The Inferno.
    • It will display the top 100 run times within the world locally, not all time.


  • Black chinchompa blood money reward has been buffed.


  • A bug allowing slayer helmets to be tradable has been fixed.
  • Occults have been restored within the Miscellaneous 1 shop.
  • You will no longer be able to create presets with charged items.
    • This will fix players losing scales and other items while making a preset.
  • The ability to buy 50 and 100 from the shop has been re-added back to shops.
  • You can speak to the Make-over Mage at Edgeville Bank to select skin modifiers such as Midnight Black, Moonlight White, or Swamp Green.
  • Fixed a numerous amount of item appearances that were reported.
  • Players will now able to do ::Skull to grant themselves a combat skull.
  • The following reported areas will no longer crash you upon teleporting to them:
    • Cave Krakens
    • Thermonuclear Smoke Devils
    • Lizard Shamans
  • Barrelchest Anchor is now able to be purchased in the blood money wares store.
    • The cost is 800 BM.
  • Any "ECO cleaner" item existent in game has been removed by yours truly.
  • Picking up bloody keys will no longer cause the player to crash.
  • The granite maul (cosmetic upgraded) attack options have been corrected to be accurate as they presented the wrong attack options previously.
  • Player's start appearance upon account creation has been modified to resemble osrs.
  • The beginner tutorial has been revamped to be slightly more informative and also gives the player the ability to select their game mode (Iron man, ultimate and so forth) at the end.
  • A bug where players couldn't set certain hair and clothes combination has been fixed.
  • Max Infernal Cape equip requirements has been fixed.
  • Obsidian armor equip requirements has been fixed.
  • Ale of the gods animation set has been fixed.
  • You can now purchase items on the Grand Exchange that previously were broken such as
    • Zulrah Scales
    • Dexterous Prayer Scroll
    • Uncharged Dragonfire Shield
    • Ale of the Gods
    • Anglerfish
    • Uncharged Toxic staff of the dead
    • Obsidian Armour Pieces
    • Uncharged Blowpipe
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2017.7 Price checker, Wilderness Changes, Bug fixes and more

Jun 4, 2017 7:19:24 PM | by Jonathan
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Grand Exchange
  • Fixed a bug related to charged items
  • Removed Armadyl Crossbow from Misc Shop 1 and replaced it with ranger boots
  • Temporarily disabled the special transfer lunar spell
  • Temporarily disabled the veng other lunar spell
  • Fixed ring bonuses
  • Fixed a few doors in the wilderness that didn't open
  • Dragon thrownaxe special attack is now activatable through normal ranging system (similar to Granite Maul)
  • Fixed some issues related to banking
  • Added the Price Checker, which uses Grand Exchange prices to determine value
  • Fixed non-noted item drops
  • Minimap flag is now reset if requested destination is unreachable and a new one is found
  • Fixed brown squares at Zulrah
  • Added the "risked wealth" feature on the Items kept on death interface - uses Grand Exchange prices to determine value
  • Updated Zulrah drops on W3
  • Added the max cape emote
  • Zulrah's drop table has been adjusted to match with current osrs
  • Serpentine Helm's strength bonus has dropped from +5 to +3
  • Void Knight Ranged Set damage bonus has dropped by 10%
  • Items dropped in Wilderness and PvP Areas will appear instantly to ALL players
  • Food/Potions dropped in Wilderness and PvP Areas will never appear for other players
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2017.6.5 Bug fixes - Skulling, Charging, GE, Spec & tele, Presets and more

May 25, 2017 7:36:51 AM | by Tardis Fan
  • Abyssal dagger special attack animation has been fixed
  • Granite maul update - to trigger the special, you have to click on your target after switching weapons. From a distance, it'll now trigger the spec rather than the normal attack
  • [W2] Spec and teleport mechanic now only applies to the first 12 seconds of a battle, above 8 wildy.
  • Some Zulrah items (serp helms, tridents, staffs and blowpipes) that somehow didn't get converted to uncharged can now be uncharged.
  • Granite Maul and Dragon Thrownaxe specials now work on the max hit dummies.
  • The Dragonfire shield can be uncharged using the 'uncharge' option to make it tradeable on GE. Get into combat to charge it (fighting a player or npc, you don't need to attack dragons)
  • [W2] Zulrah now drops uncharged versions of blowpipe and serpentine helm
  • Dragon spear fixed (where hits didn't queue up)
  • Risk protection fixed - tier properly calculates and forfeits.
  • Skulling patched - now when you skull, teleport out, remove skull (via death/safe cw portal) then return and attack again, you'll reskull
  • [W2] New Granite Maul rush / spec and teleport mechanics now only apply in 8+ wildy rather than all over the game.
  • Presets now will not store items with properties, such as charged Zulrah items
  • Ancient spellbook teleports that go into the wilderness now check our anti-rag mechanics
  • You can now use coins to imbue the Ring of Suffering on the economy worlds
  • Telegrab fixed - ironmen restrictions now apply
  • Ballista reverted back to 25% accuracy and damage bonus for the special attack
  • [W2] ::giftprayer disabled - too easy to abuse. We DO NOT refund prayer scrolls, but we do transfer the prayers to alts upon request.
  • Fixed Zulrah combat constantly restarting.
  • Darkness set now has proper bonuses, as does runner boots
  • Dupe with charged items has been patched
  • Max hit dummies should no longer be poisoned/venomed
  • Grand exchange has been rewritten and is much quicker
  • Fixed issue where item loss occurs in GE
  • Updated item prices according to Kindra's price guide
  • Fixed issue where GE text would overflow on interface
  • Typing coins will no longer change text to 'blood money'
  • Fixed kalphite queen drop tables
  • [W2] Zulrah & barrows no longer drop elites to keep the items uniquely from Blood Keys
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