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Providing worlds both dedicated to PvP, and one emulating the original, classic adventure, OS-Scape is a streamlined, multi-world MMORPG constructed on a custom platform. Offering a stable, well balanced economy, a steady stream of current updates weekly, and boasting one of the largest ongoing communities, OS-Scape strives to provide the leading MMORPG experience.

Updates & Announcements

2017.2: Clue scrolls, bug fixes and QOL updates

Jan 16, 2017 10:39:05 PM | by Situations
  • Fixed player object facing
  • * Voting reward announcement is now on a 5 minute timer to reduce in game spam
  • Fixed the dragon throwing axe special attack
  • Fixed the door 'stuck' mechanic (applicable to all doors)
  • * Olmlet raids pet has been added to the pet box & chance of unlocked when opening the blood chest
  • Saradomin hilt, Saradomin sword, Staff of the dead and Zamorak hilt has been added to announced drops
  • * Skeletal Wyverns have been added to Nieve's potential slayer task assignments
  • Fixed the "previous" teleport and regular teleport not working with places which require tile height (Corporeal beast, Rogues' Den, etc)
  • If you have more than one broken untradable, you'll have have the option to "fix all"
  • * Removed Romeo's NPC spawn from Varrock due to heavy request
  • Buffed dragon claw damage and accuracy
  • Fixed Ancient d'hide boots equipment information & bonuses
  • Fixed run being toggled through accept aid
  • Removed wilderness resource caskets from Rock Crabs drop table
  • Fixed ultimate strength & incredible reflexes not toggling-off mystic lore upon activation
  • Fixed BM cost of Kodai wand
  • Fixed a bug with platinum tokens would get deleted when converting from coins and having a full inventory
  • Kalphite Queen's pet drop rate is now 1/250 to match other boss pet drops
  • And much more...
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2017.1: Blood Chests, Raids Items, Crystal Chest & QOL

Jan 15, 2017 11:12:14 AM | by Bart

Blood Chests

The lore was true. Those who've spoken to Nigel knows what's to come. It's time to become either a Hunter, or Hunted.

When you kill an enemy in level 5 Wilderness onward, there is a rare chance of the corpse yielding a Blood Key - a cursed, chaos-imbued key leading to great treasure. But beware! Picking up the key is subject to the curse: You shall not teleport. You shall be skulled. You shall be placed in spotlight. You shall take multiple enemies, wherever.

Once you take the key, your goal is to make it out of the Wilderness. However, since you're Teleblocked from the moment you take it, life becomes rather difficult. On top of that, you're skulled, and you're considered in a multiway-combat zone until you escape. Meaning you have two options: wait out the (half-time) Teleblock, or walk south. Far south.

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12/24/2016: Christmas Event & Discounts!

Dec 24, 2016 2:37:03 PM | by Bart

Store Discount

We're happy to inform you that everything in our store is discounted on 50% - you only pay half during Christmas! Don't miss out on the deal, because now is a better time than ever to stock up on some Blood Money and your favorite items. This promotion is only active during Christmas, so don't be late!

Christmas Event

We're happy to bring you this year's Christmas event. Christmas is in danger because the factory workers responsible for the presents are getting physically exhausted from all the hard work, and they're close to collapsing! They want a better working environment - but the Troll in lead, Carol, certainly doesn't want that. Deadlines are deadlines, with an emphasis on dead. It's up to you to help the factory get a more suitable environment! You can start the event south of the Falador farm - or use the portal near the Edgeville furnace.

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