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Get geared, bully your friends, and settle unresolved childhood debts in the Wilderness of OS-Scape. With hundreds of hours of content and an active Wilderness, featuring the best combat system in the scene, OS-Scape is your go-to hub for PvP action. And even if you're not in the mood for battles today, there are bosses that need taming. Get going, because on here, you die.

Updates & Announcements

[10-10-2018] Agility Skill, Combat Tweaks & Bug Fixes

Oct 10, 2018 4:12:56 AM | by Heaven
Hello OS-Scape Community,

This update is something that was needed to be done sooner than later and because of that this is more focused on bugs that arose from a previous update and through the week building up to this point. Another update regarding some content additions will be done in the week to come.

The updates are as follows:
  • Mining is now restricted to the wilderness only.
  • A bug with looting bag not being emptied when dying has been fixed.
  • Max skill cape requirement has been adjusted to the appropriate level.
  • Avernic defender will now display the appropriate block animation.
  • A bug with dismantling infinity ornament pieces has been fixed.
  • All slayer helms now provide the proper bonus damage when on a slayer task.
  • Justiciar chestguard item bonuses have been corrected.
  • Justiciar faceguard will now appear properly when equipped.
  • Bracelet of ethereum (charged) will now only apply to Revenant's aggression.
  • Skilling experience rates have been corrected and restored to their original multiplier
  • The skilling rates will be doubled for the next few days to compensate for the inconvenience.
  • You will now only receive or lose half the elo rating when dying or killing inside a multi-combat area.
  • Spellbooks will now save and load in presets.
  • For rune pouch and spellbooks to take effect in your presets you must DELETE ALL OLD / PRE-EXISTING PRESETS. This will not apply to pre-existing presets!
  • You can now click your elo rating inside the quest tab to publicly display it.
  • A bug with the scythe of vitur and sanguinesti staff upon dying has been fixed.
  • A bug causing the sanguinesti staff passive to sometimes not heal you has been fixed.
  • XP drops will now display when using the sanguinesti staff and the scythe of vitur

Scythe of Vitur
  • The scythe of vitur has received the following edits:
  • Accuracy has been increased.
  • You can now use it in PvP and PvM as expected.
  • It will now work on the combat dummy at home.

The Agility skill has been added to OS-Scape!

The Wilderness agility course is now open to train Agility. You will receive a Mark of grace upon completion of a lap inside the Wilderness agility course. You also have a chance of receiving an additional Mark of grace whilst doing the Wilderness agility course. Grace has been added to the shop location at Edgeville. You may buy her clothing for Marks of grace! Sigmund the merchant will also be interested in buying your Marks of grace for 250 BM. Players may also buy and sell Marks of grace amongst each other.
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[10/04/2018] Update Log (Raids 2, ELO & More)

Oct 4, 2018 2:39:00 PM | by Bennie
Today is our premiere update after having transitioned over to new management! There will be another update later this update with follow up fixes and content but we did not want to keep you all waiting any longer!

Raids 2 Items

We've added all raids 2 items/gear with its functionality and stats. Raids 2 items are available through the event bosses in the wilderness. With this addition we'd also like our community to visit our poll regarding PvP armours here: Poll
Note: Some items require charging/fixing with blood money.

ELO Rating

As a PvP server we feel as though it's lacking reward in the competitive scene of player killing. Therefore we're introducing a new ELO rating system designed for competitive PKers. Everyone will start at ELO: 1300. You will receive points based on how high/low your opponent is scored in ELO rating. ELO rating will be reset every month and top 50 will receive rewards ranging from blood money, rares and of course 07GP. You will be able to see your ELO rating at your Journal.
  • Top 1-3: OSRSGP (Not decided yet)
  • Top 4-10: Random Spirit Shield or 750K Blood Money each.

Wilderness Skilling

Wilderness skilling has been disabled for a while, we've heard countless of suggestions to add it back. We now have 5 skills working on the wilderness which is: Slayer, Hunter, Woodcutting, Thieving, Fishing and Mining. We will probably add more skills in the wilderness in the future. Regarding skilling outside the wilderness, it's something we'll have to discuss with the community since this is a PvP server. Skilling in the wilderness will be profitable, but risky. You can sell your materials you receive to Sigmund. There are also new spots for wilderness skilling. Such as a fishing spot, dark crab spot, new hunter area & more. We will release a guide shortly after the update log is out.

Looting Bag

Players can use the Open option, which makes every tradeable item picked up go straight into the looting bag whilst in the Wilderness. Once players have looted their desired items, they can use the Close option to have items go into the inventory instead.

Rank Benefits

We have discussed this many times and we've noticed that rank benefits were lacking. You now have benefits based on your rank, it wont be that useless anymore! If you have any suggestions regarding benefits for ranks, let us know.
  • Added bank support for ultimate rank.
  • 2.5% increase drop chance for blood keys per rank.
  • 2.5% increase in blood money per kill per rank.
  • 2% drop rate increase to receive a pet per rank starting from Super.
  • All ranks heal box cooldown reduced by 3 seconds.
  • 5% increased in slayer points starting from Legendary rank, ultimate gets 15% increase.
  • You will be receiving 5% more ores at bloody volcano per rank.

Item Resets

NOTE: You get 65% of shops value back in blood money.
A lot of players wanted a full economy reset, but I am very against that. We feel as though all it needs is a small reset and some adjustments to the shop prices. You'll receive 65% of the shops value from the items that were reset. And for the items that weren't in shop, are set slightly lower than street prices. This is the best of both worlds. I can assure the community that from now on, there wont ever be a reset again. And economy reset is a huge no no.
Items that were reset:
  • Archer's Ring
  • Ring of Suffering
  • Tormented Bracelet
  • Necklace of anguish
  • Amulet of Torture
  • Amulet of Damned
  • Occult Necklace
  • Armadyl Helmet
  • Armadyl Chestplate
  • Armadyl Legs
  • Armadyl Crossbow
  • Toxic Blowpipe (empty)
  • Toxic Blowpipe
  • Dragon Warhammer
  • Abyssal whip tentacle
  • Armadyl Godsword
  • Saradomin Godsword
  • Abyssal Dagger replace
  • Abyssal Bludgeon
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[07/18/2018] Revision Bugfixes

Jul 18, 2018 2:10:19 PM | by Bart
We're updating OS-Scape with a handful of fixes regarding the latest update as well as certain improvements. We've also edited the prices of most items in the web store - check it out!

Safezone Gorillas
The Demonic & Tortured Gorillas are back to OS-Scape, and they can now be found in the safe area north of the Grand Tree. You can teleport there by paying 100bm to the Teleport Wizard in Edgeville. Be careful - they're strong, but their drop tables are rather rewarding. Good luck!

Fixes & Improvements
  • The clan chat interface has been fixed;
  • An uncommon bug causing players to "disconnect" has been fixed;
  • Sounds have been reenabled;
  • The 'avnanced options' button now works again and you can toggle the options;
  • Certain clientsided changes have been made to furthermore improve OS-Scape.

Price Changes
The store has had a price change, with the following amendments;
  • You will now get 75,000 BM for 50 Cr instead of 20,000;
  • The Infernal Cape has been discounted to 195 Cr instead of 295 Cr;
  • Mystery boxes are now 15 Cr per instead of 20 Cr;
  • A Rune Pouch can now be bought for 40 Cr instead of 50 Cr;
  • Flower Seeds are now 8 Cr per pack of 25 instead of 15 Cr;
  • Pet Boxes are available for 300 Cr each instead of 400 Cr;
  • A Prayer Scroll is now 199 Cr instead of 295 Cr;
  • Skotizo Keys can now be purchased for 15 Cr each instead of 20 Cr;
  • 3rd Age Mage Boxes are 500 Cr per instead of 750 Cr;
  • And the Dicing Bag can be bought for 500 Cr instead of 750 Cr now.
These price changes are permanent and the discounts do not go away. However, we obviously reserve the right to change prices later on down the road if we feel we need to.

Important Note
Prayer Scrolls will, in an upcoming update, be removable yourself, thus making into a tradable prayer scroll. Keep this in mind before purchasing a prayer scroll!

Another important note: you'll want to stock up on all kinds of pets. In an upcoming update, pets will suddenly be really, really cool stuff. Honestly.
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